Things to Consider Before Applying

Applicants may indicate a preference for more than one type of housing as long as they meet the eligibility requirements and are a current or newly-admitted full-time UCLA student. Applicants should only indicate those complexes in which they would want to live.

Note: A completed application and a non-refundable $30 fee must be submitted prior to assignment. The application fee does not guarantee an apartment will be available at the time the applicant wants to move in. Applicants who have previously resided in University Apartments graduate housing are eligible to re-apply, but their name will be placed at the bottom of the appropriate waitlist and they will not be offered housing until all applicants who have not previously resided in University Apartments have received or been offered housing.

Apartment Options for Married Students, Students with Domestic Partners and Single-Parent Students

Things to ConsiderUniversity Village apartments are in high demand, so apply early.

One-bedroom/one-bath and two-bedroom/one-bath apartments are available to couples without children. Most two-bedroom/two-bathroom units are for single parents or couples with children. Three-bedroom units are available to applicants with three or more children.

The University will ask residents to provide original or certified copies of documents that demonstrate proof of eligibility. Students should be prepared to provide a Marriage Certificate/Domestic Partnership Registration and/or Birth Certificate of child(ren). Shared utility bills, joint banking statements or rental agreements that establish a minimum of a one year relationship may also be used to show proof of relationship.

Apartment Options for Single Graduate Students

Apartment OptionsKeystone/Mentone, Rose Avenue and Venice/Barry are available to full-time single graduate students. These apartments are in high demand, so apply early.

Within these complexes, one-bedroom apartments house a maximum of two students, and two-bedroom apartments accommodate a maximum of four students. Once assigned to an apartment, it is the tenant's responsibility to find roommates. All roommates must apply to University Apartments to be eligible to move into an apartment which is already occupied. Roommates must be current full-time students of the same sex.

Weyburn Terrace is available to full-time, single graduate students. This 840-unit complex contains studio apartments, two-bedroom/two-bath apartments and two-bedroom/two-bath townhouses. The studio apartments house one person, the two-bedroom apartments and townhouses house a maximum of two people.

Hilgard, UCLA's newest apartments, opened Fall 2010 and is available to full-time, single graduate students. The two complexes contain 81 furnished studio apartments and are a 100% smoke-free environment.