Welcome from University Apartments Staff

Weyburn PaseoWe would like to extend our warmest welcome to all of our new Weyburn Terrace and Hilgard residents and wish a wonderful upcoming school year to our returning residents! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop by the University Apartments North Administration Office located at 11020 Weyburn Drive or just give us a call at (310) 983-1300. Our office hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. For after-hours emergency maintenance requests, please call (310) 983-1315. For further information regarding living in University Apartments, you can read our handbook on the website by clicking here

Feel free to stop by your Apartment Coordinator’s apartment to introduce yourself.


Weyburn Terrace ACs
Aloe Court740 Weyburn Terrace Apt# C-20
Cypress Court725 Weyburn Terrace Apt# C-20
Jacaranda Court785 Weyburn Terrace Apt# C-34
Magnolia Court765 Weyburn Terrace Apt# C-20
Olive Court825 Weyburn Terrace Apt# C-28
Palm Court945 Weyburn Terrace Apt# C-19
Sycamore Court925 Weyburn Terrace Apt# C-05
Paseo11000 Weyburn Drive Apt# 103
Paseo11000 Weyburn Drive Apt# 487
Hilgard Apartments ACs
720 Hilgard Avenue Apt# 118

Apartment Coordinators (ACs) are full-time students who work part-time for University Apartments. They live in University Apartments complexes and are your neighbors and peers. ACs provide many basic services for the University Apartments community. They provide general resident information and referrals, assist with the after-hours service program, conduct property inspections, aid in policy enforcement and assist with emergency responses. Your AC is a valuable resource for you. They can often find the best way to help you get something done or explain policies and procedures. There is an AC designated to your area to respond to both emergency and non-emergency calls. For University Apartments North, call the University Apartments North after-hours line at (310) 983-1315 or leave a note in your AC's box or board. If you experience a life threatening emergency, please call University of California Police Department (UCPD) at (310) 825-1491 immediately.