Lot 15 Residence Hall Construction

Preliminary schedule of Construction Activity for 2018-2019

Estimated datesActivityDescriptionNoise LevelDust Level
mid fall quarterfencing of perimeterpounding noise when setting fence postsmoderatelow
winter quarterselective demolitionnoise during demolition of interior areas and utility isolation for projectlowlow
winter quarterdemolitionnoise when breaking up concrete/asphalt and from vehicle back-up beepshighhigh
winter & spring quartersgradingnoise from vehicle back-up beeps
dust generated, but control measures in effect
winter & spring quartersdirt haulingnoise from dump truck traffic as soil is hauled awaymoderatemoderate
winter & spring quarterssoil compactionnoise when pounding/vibrating the soil for compactionmoderatemoderate
late spring quarterdigging for footingnoise from vehicle back-up beepslowlow
late spring quarterpreparing formworknoise from hammering and cutting woodmoderatelow
late spring quarterplacing rebarnoise from banging metallowlow
late spring quarterpouring concretenoise from concrete pump trucks and traffic during staging of concrete truckslowlow