Housing Construction

UCLA has a tradition of supporting the University’s academic mission through its housing program. During the past decade, UCLA has undertaken a sizeable number of construction and renovation projects to meet the demand for quality housing and programs. All these projects were undertaken within existing student residential areas. As we move forward with new projects, Housing & Hospitality Services and the Office of Residential Life want to ensure students living adjacent to construction/renovation that we will continue our practice of keeping residents informed and ensuring that programs are in place to mitigate possible inconveniences to residents whenever possible.

    Current Projects

    Project information can be viewed by selecting a link below. While subject to change, this represents the best information available at this time regarding planned construction activities to the existing residential community during the academic year.

    Potential construction impacts during 2018-2019

    We’re growing! In order to better meet current student demand, as well as to move closer to our goal of being able to guarantee University housing for four years for incoming freshmen and for two years for incoming transfer students, UCLA Housing will break ground on three new developments beginning Fall 2018! One of these sites is on-campus, at the current location of parking lot 15, located on De Neve Drive, between Hitch Suites and Saxon Suites. The other two sites are off-campus, one at the current Warren Hall, located adjacent to Weyburn Terrace, and one at the current University Extension building on Le Conte Ave.

    • New Construction Project at Lot 15 
    • New Construction Project at LeConte & Gayley
    • New Construction Project at Warren Hall


    Housing Construction Hotline (310) 206-7800