Leconte Apartments Construction

Construction Activity for September 17 - 29, 2018

ActivityLocationDescriptionStart DateEnd DateNoise LevelDust LevelTraffic
Equipment & dumpster deliveryLevering Ave.Miscellaneous deliveries of equipment & dumpsters for supporting abatement and demolitionContinuing10/31/18MinimalMinimalMinimal
Demolition & abatementInterior of UNEX BuildingInterior soft demolition and abatement of UNEX BuildingContinuing10/31/18ModerateMinimalNone
Street work for telecom rerouteLevering Ave. & Gayley Ave.Potholing, trenching, and conduit install for telecom rerouteContinuing9/19/18ModerateModerateMinimal
Clearing exteriorExterior of UNEX BuildingClear and grub the exterior of buildingContinuing10/09/18HeavyModerateMinimal
Retaining WallNorth side of jobsiteRetaining wall demolition9/24/01810/12/18HeavyModerateNone