Le Conte Apartments Construction

Construction Activity for March 11-22, 2019

ActivityLocationDescriptionStart DateEnd DateNoise LevelDust LevelTraffic
Equipment delivery & debris haul offLevering Avenue / Gayley AvenueMiscellaneous deliveries of equipment / dump trucks supporting haul off UNEX demolitionContinuing3/30/19highModerateMinimal
Demolition and abatement of basement walls and foundations and material haul offWithin Jobsite FenceStructural hard demolition of the UNEX basement and debris load out3/06/193/30/19HighHighMinimal
Daily closing of sidewalks / parking / driving lanesGayley Avenue & Le Conte AvenueSidewalks to be closed: West side of Gayley Avenue and North side of Le Conte Avenue. 
Streets to be closed: Parking lane on North side of Le Conte Avenue and furthest west drive land on the West side of Gayley Avenue
Continuing5/01/19NoneNoneModerate, along with pedestrian traffic rerouted
Shoring / Lagging / Early EarthworkWithin Jobsite Fence / Le Conte AvenueDrilling for shoring beams, installation of beams, installation of lagging and grading/soil removal3/18/195/28/19HighHighMinimal
Deliveries to support Shoring / Lagging / Early EarthworkLevering Avenue, Le Conte Avenue, Gayley AvenueMiscellaneous deliveries of equipment / trucks supporting shoring and lagging installation3/18/195/28/19ModerateModerateMinimal