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Your Community

The UCLA University Apartments community, like any other well-managed community, requires a high degree of cooperation, respect, concern and orderliness among residents. Certain regulations and policies have been developed to preserve and protect the rights of the community group without unduly compromising the rights of individual members. These are detailed in the UCLA University Apartments Regulations & Policies. It becomes your responsibility to maintain, uphold and abide by these regulations.

While in the apartments or in surrounding University-owned, leased or controlled property (e.g., grounds, recreation facilities and parking areas) you are subject to regulations of the University, the University Apartments and to all other applicable laws. These regulations apply equally to all residents, non-residents and staff.

Any violation of these rules or other applicable University policies (e.g., those rules described in the University document entitled “Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations and Students”) may, at the University’s discretion, result in the imposition of disciplinary action or civil action. In addition, violation of applicable laws may result in other civil liability, or in criminal prosecution. You should be aware that these different kinds of actions are treated separately and that all could occur simultaneously. Administrative actions may range from an official warning to sanctions to termination of the contract.

The following acts are violations of the rules and regulations:

  1. Any illegal activity including, but not limited to, gambling, theft, smoking, drug use or possession, to include smoking paraphernalia, and vio­lent acts against a person or property.
  2. Possession of weapons, potentially dangerous sporting or recreational equipment, or harm­ful instruments in or around the University Apartments.
  3. Jeopardizing or interfering with the safety and security systems of, or other unauthorized access to, or any unauthorized entry into the University Apartments.
  4. Threats of violence (including threats or attempts of suicide) or conduct that threatens the health and safety of self or any other person in or around the University Apartments.
  5. Actions or behaviors that result in additional clean up in or around the University Apartments.
  6. Actions or behaviors that impede, interfere with, or prohibit the arrival of a roommate. These actions include, but are not limited to moving into the cleaned bedroom or bed space, using the cleaned bedroom or bed space for guests or storage of personal belongings, not keeping the common areas in clean and sanitary condition, and/or not having space available in shared areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and/or closets.
  7. Unauthorized use of University property, including but not limited to, leasing equipment or space, subletting, or operating a business and profiting from the use of University property.
  8. The use of cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco and all other tobacco products, as well as electronic cigarettes, on University property.

A complete copy of the UCLA University Apartments Regulations and Policies may be found online at

If you wish to report any violations of the Regulations and Policies (e.g., loud parties conducted after Quiet Hours), you may call the 24-Hour Service line at (310) 983-1315.

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The following regulations are representative responses to common community concerns.

Barbecues (Weyburn Terrace, Glenrock, and Landfair)

Gas barbecues are provided for the resident’s use for cooking food only. Any other use is prohibited. There are no reservations for the barbecues; use is on a first come-first served basis. Hours of use are from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. April through October and 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. November through March. Residents using barbecues grills are responsible for cleaning the grill and surrounding area immediately after use. Residents are reminded to observe Quiet Hours policies and be courteous to their neighbors at all times.

  1. University Apartments-provided barbecues are the only barbecues allowed on the premises. Personal barbecues may not be used or stored on the premises.
  2. All the barbecues are gas operated. Do not use charcoal or wood in the barbecues.
  3. The barbecue grills must be properly maintained for each resident to enjoy this benefit. After using the barbecues remember to turn all burners off and clean the grill and surrounding area.
  4. Be extremely careful when using the barbecue in the presence of small children.
  5. No alcoholic beverages or containers are permitted around the barbecue area.

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BruinCard makes life at UCLA easier for everyone. This multi-purpose card serves as your official UCLA student identification card, registration card, library card, recreation card, meal card, student health ser­vices card, BruinGo bus card, and much more.

If you want to make your BruinCard even more versa­tile, you can “activate” it to function as a convenient debit card for making purchases around campus and at many locations in Westwood Village. The “Easy Pay” debit feature enables you to deposit funds into a fee-free account so you can use your BruinCard for debit purchases. Once established, you can view your account at If you lose your card, your funds are protected.

Funds may be added to your account via the BruinCard website, through payroll deduction (call 310-825-2336), or at any of the Value Transfer Stations or BruinCard centers on campus.

You may also use your BruinCard for a discounted flex­ible on-campus meal plan available to students living in University Apartments. You’ll dine in UCLA Dining Services residential restaurants where it’s all-you-care-to-eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When, where, and how often is up to you. You can join the BruinCard meal plan for only $20, and your meals will be charged against this prepaid amount. Cash, checks, or credit cards are accepted for this plan.

You can also use your BruinCard at authorized food and vending machine outlets. For further information on this program, call the BruinCard Office at (310) 825-4775.

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Building Entry System

All UAN buildings are equipped with a call box at the main entrance that will call UA Facilities Management and the Administration Office. Calls to individual units/residents at Weyburn Terrace and Hilgard are not an option. Residents needing to be contacted by their visitors can do so with personal communication devices.

Call box use is easy; simply depress the * or # and search the menu. Once you have found the resident's name, depress the 3 digit number into the keypad, e.g., 001, 002, 003 and so on. After your call is answered just speak in a regular tone into the call box. The resident who receives the call from the call box may press "9" on his/her phone to allow the guest access to the building.

For the UAN Administration Office, dial #001. For UA Facilities Management, dial #002.

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Common Areas

Common areas such as courtyards, balconies, playgrounds, laundry facilities and pools are provided for the use and enjoyment of the resident. While these areas are maintained by custodial and maintenance staff on a regular basis, we need your help in limiting actions or behaviors that result in additional clean up in or around the University Apartments or disruption of the community.

  1. There are no reservations for use of barbecues, picnic tables, or any other common area space or equipment. Residents shall cooperate with each other with the use of these facilities.
  2. Running, roughhousing, skateboarding, roller-skating, roller-blading, Frisbee or ball throwing, and any two- or three-wheeled vehicle riding is not permitted in the hallways, walkways, common areas, alleys, parking structures, parking lots or garages. This is a violation of California Vehicle Code 2146(a). Tricycles and wagons are permitted in designated playground areas only. No water guns, water toys, etc., are to be used on the premises.
  3. Residents must not use emergency doors for routine building access and egress. Hallways, stairways, and other common passage ways are for entry and exit only.
  4. Residents’ flowerpots and planter boxes are not permitted in common areas, windowsills, balcony railings, and building courtyards.
  5. Courtyard furnishings are not to be moved to any other location.
  6. No electric vehicles, except wheelchairs, are to be used on the premises.
  7. Do not leave any raw food or food items unattended in common areas. Deposit trash in a rubbish container. Absolutely no household trash is to be placed in courtyard rubbish bins or recycling bins.

The courtyard areas have the fol­lowing specific rules and regulations.

  1. Courtyard hours are 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. daily.
  2. Plastic wading pools, inflatable play areas such as, but not limited to, moon bounces, jumpers, bounce houses, inflatable slides, and installation of privately-owned playground equipment are prohibited.

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Please report any malfunctioning elevator to UAN Facilities Management at (310) 983-1315. You should be aware of the easiest entrances into your building in the event one of the elevators is out of order.

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Laundry Services

University Apartments North provides laundry rooms for residents’ use. Please do your share to keep these areas clean and debris free. It is your responsibility to promptly remove your clothes from the machines. Items remaining in the laundry room for more than twenty-four hours will be removed and disposed of by the Facilities staff.

No personal washers or dryers are permitted in individual apartments unless already provided in the unit.

Laundry room hours for undergraduate buildings are 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. daily. Laundry room hours for graduate buildings are 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. daily. You will be assessed a lockout fee if After-hours Service is called to open the laundry room.

The University contracts with a private firm (WASH Service Company) for the maintenance of washers and dryers. Residents should call WASH Service Company at (800) 342-5932 in the event of equipment failure.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. The WASH machine number located on the silver WASH identification plate mounted to the front panel of the washer and the dryer.
  2. The building address.

WASH needs both the building address and the WASH machine number in order to locate the exact laundry room and machine that is in need of repair.

During the hours of 6:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., the “800” number connects you directly to WASH Service Company. If you call the “800” number between 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 a.m., you will be connected with an answering service that records all WASH’s after-hour service calls. Since these night-shift operators are not at WASH’s office, they do not have computers to display details about the laundry rooms or machines. They rely entirely on the information you provide to them over the phone. In order to pass the informa­tion on to WASH the next morning, they need exactly the same information for the same reasons.

Dryer Instructions

For best results, use the following steps:

  1. Clean the lint screen. Just inside the door at the bottom of the dryer opening, you will find a lint screen. It draws in and traps lint from the clothes as they dry. The lint screen is removable and should be cleaned after each load. If it remains full, the machine will take much longer to finish drying the clothes and may involve paying for additional time. Simply pull up on the screen to remove it. Then sweep your fingers across the lint to lift it off the screen. Once it is lint-free, slide the screen back into the dryer. For maximum drying efficiency, it is important to always check, clean and replace the lint screen before starting a new load.
  2. When loading the dryer, remember that one washer load equals one dryer load.
  3. Place clothes loosely so they can tumble freely. Overloading the dryer will prevent clothes from drying completely.
  4. Once loaded, insert the appropriate coins or use your BruinCard where available and press the desired fabric setting. The dryer will automatically start its drying cycle. Every time you open the dryer during its drying cycle, the dryer will stop. To restart the dryer, close the door and press the fabric setting again.

 To avoid wrinkling, remove delicate and permanent press articles promptly. Never dry articles containing plastic, rubber or flammable fumes.

Top Load Washer Instructions

Your Maytag top load washer has operating instructions listed on the “under-side” of the lid.

  1. Add detergent.
  2. Load clothes to the top row of tub holes.
  3. Close the lid. It is very important that you close the lid because the machine will not operate if the lid is left open.
  4. Insert the appropriate coins and select the setting.

Front Load Washer Instructions 

  1. Load clothes.
  2. Close the door securely.
  3. Add detergent to the dispenser compartment located on top of the washer.
  4. Insert the appropriate coins. If card operated, insert card into the card reader. Leave card in reader until instructed to remove.
  5. The machine will automatically start once you select the desired fabric setting button. The door will lock one (1) minute after pressing the fabric-setting button, and will remain locked until the cycle is finished.
  6. Add liquid bleach and fabric softener when prompted by display. Times vary according to the cycle selected. You will be prompted to add liquid bleach when approximately 31 - 27 minutes are left on the display. Fabric softener can be added when approximately 13 minutes remain on the display.

For top loads and front loads, all settings include a cold water rinse. However, the setting you choose determines the water temperature of the wash cycle. If you choose the WHITES setting, the wash water will be hot. For COLORS, PERMANENT PRESS and DELICATES, the wash water is warm. Finally, choosing BRIGHT COLORS and WOOLENS provides a cold water wash.

  1. Do not unplug or stop the washer in mid-cycle. This may cause damage to the machine or laundry room floor.
  2. Never reach into the washer until the tub has stopped spinning.
  3. Never wash articles containing flammable fumes.
  4. Finally, never allow children to operate or to play in, with or around the washer or dryer.

 If the washers or dryers damage your clothes, immediately report the loss to WASH Service.

Laundry Machine Payment

Washers and dryers in the Weyburn Terrace laundry rooms accept BruinCard Easy Pay only. You can add money to your BruinCard account at

To use your BruinCard for laundry service, make sure you have enough money deposited in your BruinCard Easy Pay account. Go to the BruinCard reader in your building’s laundry room and enter the code of the machine you want to use (example: “A3”). Swipe your BruinCard in the card reader slot. When you see “Transaction Valid” on the reader display, the selected machine is ready to use.

The normal drying cycle is 46 minutes and you may add time to the standard drying cycle in increments of 23 minutes. To start a drying cycle:

  • Enter the code of the machine you want to use on the BruinCard reader. The display will read: “Dry: __.__.”
  • Press the <ADD TIME> button once for an addi­tional 23 minutes or twice for an additional 46 minutes. Do not select a dollar amount that adds more than a total of 99 minutes.
  • Swipe your BruinCard in the card reader slot. You will see the time you added flash briefly on the display.
  • When you see “Transaction Valid” on the reader display, go to the machine you selected and press the dryer start button. You will see the total number of minutes you have selected on the dryer display.

To add time DURING a drying cycle:

  • Note the remaining amount of time on the display of the dryer you are using.
  • Go to the BruinCard reader and enter the code of that machine. The display will read: “(ID of machine) in Use.”
  • Press the <ADD TIME> button once for an addi­tional 23 minutes or twice for an additional 46 minutes. Do not select a dollar that adds more than a total of 99 minutes.
  • Swipe your BruinCard slowly in the card reader. You will see the time you added flash briefly on the reader display.
  • When you see “Transaction Valid” on the reader display, the additional minutes have been added. You will see the total number of minutes you selected on the dryer display.

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Mailboxes and Packages

University Apartments mailboxes are controlled by the U.S. Postal Service and maintained by University Apartments. It is a crime to force open someone else’s mailbox or for anyone other than a postal service employee to deposit anything there­in. The University will not permit access to mail­boxes for former residents. University Apartments is not responsible for any outgoing mail or outgoing mail slots that have been covered to prevent use by the U.S. Postal Service. Residents must report any damage to a University Apartments mailbox to the U.S. Postal Service.

University Apartments will not take responsibility for keys or other items placed in mailboxes. The University Apartments Administration Office will not accept packages for any residents. If you are expecting a package, please make arrangements with the courier service (U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, etc.). If you are unavailable to accept your package, please make alternate arrangements with the courier service for delivery or send it to an address you know someone can accept it or require a signature. Requiring a signature will force the courier company to make several attempts to deliver. The carrier will not leave a package that requires a signature in an open air area.

All residents are responsible to notify the U.S. Postal Service directly if they have an address change. This includes any resident transferring from one University Apartments unit to another University Apartments unit. Such notification should be made at or (800) 275-8777 in advance of your move to ensure uninterrupted delivery.

If your package is missing or stolen, you must contact the carrier directly and contact UCPD to file a report.

University Apartments processes and delivers only mail and packages sent through the U.S. Postal Service. University Apartments and Paseo mailroom staff will not accept or process UPS, FedEx or any other vendor/carrier deliveries. All U.S. Postal Service mail and packages should be addressed to the resident of record, and include the complete address and apartment number or it will be returned to sender. It is prohibited for any resident to allow any other individual to use their University Apartments address to receive packages and/or mail.

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UAN Parking Rules and Policies

If you obtain parking, you will receive information regarding parking. Read these rules very carefully. Rule violations may result in revocation of parking privileges. Failure to read or understand the rules and their implications will not constitute a change in policy or procedure (e.g., towing, reassignment, etc.) If some­one is illegally parked in your space, you may call the phone number of the towing company listed on the signs posted in the parking areas. Towing an illegally parked car from your space or a car blocking your space is the resident’s responsibility. To ticket or tow a vehicle, call UCPD at (310) 825-1491. See UCLA University Apartments Regulations & Policies for additional information.

University Apartments is not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles parked in the garages. Residents are responsible for their property, including their vehicles. Residents are strongly encouraged to purchase a renters insurance policy covering any losses.

University Apartments assumes no responsibility for citations issued by Parking Enforcement due to illegal parking.


  1. Park only in your assigned garage or parking space.
  2. Do not park in anyone else’s space, garage, or in front of a garage, as your car is subject to fines and/or towing at your expense.
  3. When parking on the street or visitor section, observe the parking signs.
  4. Vehicles that are leaking oil and pose a threat to health and safety may result in the resident’s being assessed clean-up charges.
  5. All vehicles must have current registration and be in working order.
  6. Vehicle washing, waxing, detailing, etc. is probited on University property. Perfomring mechanical work on vehicles is not permitted on University property. Inoperable vehicles may not be stored on University property. Boats and trailers are not permitted. Garage doors must be closed and locked at all times unless resident is present.

Garage Openers

Parking in UAN is enclosed by gates and requires the use of a garage opener for entry. These openers are to be used only by those designated with parking, and only for the garage assigned. Failure to turn in garage openers and per­mits when moving out will result in additional charges (See Damage and Other Related Charges in this Handbook). Weyburn Terrace residents who purchase parking will receive a proxy card from the Parking Services office. Hilgard residents should use their Onity key to gain access by dipping their card in the silver reader in front of the entrance gate. The University takes no responsibility for the proxy card or property lost or stolen in the garages.

Parking Assignments

Undergraduate Apartment Buildings and Hilgard

Parking is limited and not guaranteed. Parking is issued and assigned at the time of acceptance of offer for housing. A copy of your valid vehicle registration form must be provided to obtain a parking permit. In addition, if you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, University Apartments needs an authorization letter from the registered owner allowing your use.

Your parking space may not be in the building you live in. The University reserves the right to issue, revoke, and change park­ing assignments and spacing. Contact the Resident Services Coordinator if you have any questions. If you are an undergraduate student wishing to obtain parking after your contract has begun, contact the UA Administration Office. If you are a graduate student living in Hilgard, contact the Housing Assignment Office if you wish to obtain parking after your contract has begun. Unauthorized transfers or use may result in termination of parking privileges.

When parking is assigned, you will be required to retain parking for the entire quarter (date determined by Academic Calendar), and you will be billed quarterly. If you receive parking mid-quarter, and are billed on a pro-rated basis, you must retain your park­ing through that quarter.

Parking spaces cannot be transferred to non-residents or between residents or roommates during its rental period. Residents who obtain moped parking will be required to contract for the parking for the full year.

Weyburn Terrace

Parking is limited and not guaranteed. Only current Weyburn Terrace residents are eligible for parking. Parking will not be assigned prior to your move-in day. Similarly, when residents move out of Weyburn Terrace, they are responsible for canceling their parking permits with UCLA Transportation Services, and may inquire at Transportation Services about a refund for unused time. Parking in Weyburn Terrace is assigned by the UAN Administration Office, but managed by UCLA Transportation Services. UA requires a copy of your valid vehicle registration to be provided in order to obtain a parking application. In addition, if you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, UA needs an authorization letter from the registered owner allowing your use.

Residents may be issued a space in any Weyburn Terrace building. Even though all efforts are made to assign residents a parking space in the same building they reside, residents may be assigned, due to availability, parking in a nearby building. Residents have the option of paying quar­terly or annually for their vehicle. Upon receipt of a parking assignment based on availability, the Administration Office will give you a completed parking assignment form that you must take to UCLA Transportation Services to purchase the parking permit. UCLA Transportation Services is located at 555 Westwood Plaza. The University reserves the right to issue and revoke parking assignments. You may contact the Graduate Resident Services Coordinator if you have any questions.

When parking is assigned, you will be required to retain parking for the entire quarter (date determined by Academic Calendar), and you will be billed quar­terly. If you receive parking mid-quarter, and are billed on a pro-rated basis, you must retain your parking through that quarter.

Each resident who has been assigned a parking permit and space must display his/her vehicle’s permit when parking in the structure. This permit is valid at all times in the assigned Weyburn Terrace parking space indicated on the parking permit.

Parking spaces are not transferrable to any other resident or non-resident.

If a resident is moving in after 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, during a weekend, or a holiday, their parking request will not be processed by UCLA Transportation Services until their office is open on the next business day. You may not park in Weyburn Terrace buildings until your parking request is processed and you receive a parking permit from Transportation Services. Until you have received your parking permit, you must find parking elsewhere within the Westwood area. The University, University Apartments nor Housing Services are responsible for any tickets or towing charges you may incur as a result of parking without proper permit or for parking in an unauthorized space.

Weyburn Terrace residents are not eligible to pur­chase on-campus parking. However, Weyburn Terrace parking permits are valid on campus Monday - Friday, 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. and on University holidays in all numbered and lettered parking areas except 5, 13, 15, 35, DD, SH, SV, MC/Restricted, E, Tiverton House and 17 (after dusk). This includes parking designated for Visitors, Blue (Mobility) and “X” (Preferred) permits (unless “reserved at all times”).

Weyburn Terrace parking permits are also valid in Structure RC (at the Sunset Canyon Recreation Center) from Friday, 12:00 noon - Monday, 7:00 a.m.

Weyburn Terrace parking permits are not valid:

  • On campus before 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • In the SV structure at any time.
  • In CHS/Patient and Visitor areas at any time.

You may not park in:

  • Stalls reserved for the disabled (unless your handicapped placard, Weyburn Terrace parking permit and license plate are also displayed).
  • Metered or pay-by-space stalls.
  • Loading Zones (unless you display a loading zone permit obtained from an Information and Parking Booth).
  • Stalls that are posted as restricted or reserved “at all times.”
  • Aisles and areas not specifically marked as park­ing stalls.

It is the resident’s responsibility to abide by the most updated cross-parking guidelines by directing questions to the Parking Services Office. For a current fee schedule, please contact UCLA Parking Services at (310) 794-RIDE.

Tandem Spaces or Stacked Parking

Most residents in the UAN community have tandem spaces or stacked parking. In such cases, when both spaces are assigned, the first one to arrive at any given time should pull all the way up so that the tandem partner can use the back space. Both residents must display the appropriate permits for the tandem spaces. If you are assigned a tandem parking space, you will be given the authorized information on the person with whom you will share the space. This person may not always be the resident’s roommate. Please take some time to discuss a suitable parking arrangement with him/her.

University of California Police Department (UCPD) will ticket or tow any vehicle that encroaches upon a sidewalk, entryway, or hangs over into the street. Enforcement of this rule is now stringently in effect.

Hilgard Only

The Hilgard garages are equipped with a carbon mon­oxide alarm. Do not idle your car inside the garage as you will set off the alarm.

Parking Cancellation

Undergraduate Apartment Buildings and Hilgard

Parking is approved to be cancelled only for the end of the quarter. If you are canceling parking, you must submit your intention in writing to end the parking billing request via AskHousing or in person at the Sproul Hall office. Garage openers and permit hangtags must be returned to the UAN Administration Office upon receipt of the cancellation approval from Housing and Hospitality Services. You must make your request in writing and return these items.

Motorcycle and moped parking may be billed at $1.00 per day if applicable. This charge is levied for any portion of the month that the parking is received.

Weyburn Terrace

Standard UC Transportation Services campus parking cancel­lation policy applies. For a current refund schedule or to cancel your assigned parking, please contact UCLA Transportation Services at (310) 794-RIDE. The office is located at 555 Westwood Blvd, on the corner of Westwood Blvd. and Strathmore Ave. (Parking Structure 8, Level 2).

University Parking Regulations for All Motor Vehicles Including Mopeds and Motorcycles

These parking regulations are adopted pursuant to the authority vested in the University of California Vehicle Code Section 21113(a). The provisions of the California Vehicle Code shall be applicable upon the driveways, paths, parking facilities or grounds of the University. Citations for violation of the California Vehicle Code, or these regulations, are processed through the Los Angeles Municipal Court and bail is payable to the Clerk, Municipal Court.

  1. Authority - Under the authority delegated to the Campus Parking Service by the Chancellor, University Apartments may grant parking privileges in the apartment complexes owned or operated by the University. All parking hangtags and keys issued to users of the parking sys­tem remain the property of the University. It is emphasized that the University Apartments park­ing hangtag is valid only in the apartment com­plex and space assigned, and is not a permit to park on any other University-operated property. Persons using these parking privileges do so at their own risk. University Apartments reserves the right:
    a. To refuse issuance of parking privileges.
    b. To change parking assignments as deemed necessary.
    c. To restrict the use of any parking space, structure or lot at any time.
    d. To cause any vehicle/moped/motorcycle to be cited and/or towed which blocks ingress or egress to any parking stall, parking space, parking lot or structure, and/or related drive­way.
  2. Parking is assigned. Resident’s vehicle must be registered with the rental office and a valid vehi­cle registration form must be provided to obtain a parking permit.
  3. Hangtags Required - A hangtag is required at all times. Except as noted below, every vehicle, motorcycle, and moped, including those with spe­cialized license plates, which occupy a num­bered or otherwise marked space designated for an automobile, motorcycle, and moped, must dis­play a valid hangtag. Parking hangtags are not required for University vehicles, commercially licensed vehicles engaged in the act of loading or unloading, or government licensed vehicles when on official business.
  4. Hangtag Not Valid - A hangtag is not valid when:
    a. The hangtag has expired.
    b. It is not hung from the rear view mirror (auto/truck).
    c. It is not completely legible or has been altered.
    d. It has been canceled or reported lost or sto­len.
    e. It is used at a stall or space not matching the hangtag number.
    f. It is used at a complex other than the one it was issued for.
  5. Hangtag Issuance
    a. Where hangtags are issued individually to build­ing residents for specific parking space: Only the resident to whom the hangtag was issued is authorized to park in the assigned space and a current hangtag for the space must be properly displayed at all times.
    b. Hangtags are not transferable. Resale is prohibited and may subject both buyer and seller to administrative action. Any use by an individual not authorized or a vehicle not reg­istered with University Apartments may result in cancellation of parking privileges or other administrative action.
    c. Possession and/or use of a lost, stolen, or voided parking hangtag may subject the holder to administrative action.
    d. Counterfeiting or altering of hangtag or keycards is prohibited and may subject the holder to administrative action.
  6. Guest Parking - Guests are to park only outside of the building or access gates. All inside parking is reserved for the exclusive use of the assigned residents, except in Village Terrace and Faculty Wilkins where lim­ited guest parking is available.
  7. Towing
    a. Residents are to park only in their assigned spaces. A resident has exclusive claim on, and the right to have unauthorized vehicles towed from his/her assigned parking space.
    b. Motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, bicycles, cars and other vehicles may be parked only in areas specifically designated for that pur­pose.
    c. Unauthorized vehicles parked in designated staff parking spaces may be subject to towing.
    d. Any unauthorized vehicle may be subject to towing.
  8. Vehicle washing, waxing, detailing, etc., is pro­hibited on University property. The internal apart­ment water usage of University resources is to be used only for internal usage such as bathing, cooking, washing dishes, etc., and is prohibited for any exterior use including, but not limited to vehicle washing.
  9. Performing mechanical work on automobiles, including vehicle washing, is not permitted on University property. Inoperable vehicles may not be stored on University property. Boats and trail­ers are not permitted on the property.
  10. Garage doors must be closed and locked at all times unless resident is present.
  11. Speed limits shall be observed and cars must be parked legally consistent with signage. The city speed limit for the alleys is 15 mph. The excep­tion is University Village, where the speed limit must be observed as posted. The speed limit for all parking structures is 10 mph.
  12. Violations of parking regulations for vehicles, motorcycles, and mopeds may subject an indi­vidual to University administrative action includ­ing but not limited to revocation of parking privi­leges.
  13. Commercial moving vans, or any vehicle with more than two axles, must park on the street. These vehicles are expressly prohibited from parking on University property.
  14. Vehicles with temporary parking permits parked in unassigned parking areas are permitted to park there for only up to 48 hours
  15. Assigned parking spaces, garages, etc., are for the expressed use of the resident only. Any leas­ing, renting, subleasing, or trading of parking assignments is prohibited. Violators are subject to administrative actions that may result in their removal from housing.
  16. Management is not responsible for theft or dam­age to vehicles or contents.
  17. Questions regarding parking enforcement should be referred to University Apartments Management or Resident Services Coordinator.

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Posting Policy

See University Apartments Regulations and Policies for information on posting, advertising and distribution of materials.

All materials for posting, advertising, or distribution within the University Apartments communities must comply with UCLA Regulations on Activities, Registered Campus Organizations, and must be submitted to the University Apartments Administration Office for verification of compliance with the following guidelines at least 5 working days prior to the desired posting date. The materials will remain posted for a period of no longer than one week.

The following restrictions apply to all posted materials:

  • Any material posted under the glass-enclosed bulletin boards must be for official University or University Residents Association business only.
  • Any materials posted on the open bulletin boards must be from a University Apartments resident and must include his/her name and phone number on the back of the posting.
  • Any materials posted on the open bulletin boards with reference to any commercial services or personal business (i.e. baby-sitting, sale of furniture, etc.) must be verified by University Apartments Administration Office prior to posting.
  • No materials posted will be returned at the end of the posting date. They will be removed and discarded.
  • Messages may not contain direct references to selling alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or illegal drugs.
  • Any materials announcing any event or program that convey information in a language other than English must include full translation in English. Posted materials may include only date, time location and description of the event.
  • Materials should be single-sided, not smaller than 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches, and may not exceed 8.5 inches by 11 inches in size.
  • Materials not posted on designated spaces will be removed.

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The University Apartments co-mingled recycling program permits you to recycle many of the items you use in your home. Recycling bins can be found at all UA complexes next to the trash room. Please drop off your recyclables in one of our available containers.

  • Examples of recyclable materials include: alu­minum foil and cans, cardboard, cereal boxes (without lining), drink boxes, juice cartons, junk mail, laundry boxes, newspapers, plastic bottles, and phone books.
  • Materials that are not recyclable include: waxed and carbon paper, food and liquid waste, and bathroom and kitchen waste. If any of these materials is found in the recycling containers, the entire contents are contaminated and will be disposed of as trash.

Please do not remove anything from the recycling containers. Removing recycled materials from a desig­nated recycling container is a serious health and safety concern, and a violation of the UCLA University Apartments Regulations & Policies.

The Campus provides e-waste resources. For details, please contact the following:

  • Recycling Line - (310) 825-3971
  • Recycling Coordinator - (310) 825-1527
  • U.C.L.A. SAFE CENTER, 550 Charles E. Young Dr., Los Angeles, 90095

Trash must be disposed of in the dumpsters or trash chutes only. Household trash may not be placed out­side the apartment door, in common area recep­tacles or recycling bins, on the balcony, or in the laundry rooms. All trash should be bagged to minimize odors and insects. No boxes of any kind should be deposited in the trash chutes.

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Sanctions and Warnings

The University Apartments Regulations and Policies provide for the assessment of sanctions for violations or incidents involving inappropriate behavior within the University Apartments community. See the UCLA University Apartments Conduct Process online at

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No solicitors or salesmen (vendors canvassing apartments without prior invitation) are allowed on University property. This includes Los Angeles Times solicitation. Residents are requested to notify the UC Police Department (UCPD) at (310) 825-1491 and the UAN Administration Office if solicitors knock at your door or are seen on or inside University property.

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There are no additional storage areas.

  1. All items must be stored inside your apartment.
  2. Items may not be stored in hallways, balconies, open garages, parking stalls, and carport areas, underneath stairways, or in common areas. There are self-storage companies in the area that you may contact if you require additional storage.
  3. Any illegally stored items will be tagged for removal and removed by UA Facilities Management. Items tagged and removed will be stored for up to 90 days before being disposed of at the resident’s expense. Residents may be charged $25 per item to retrieve tagged items from UA storage.
  4. Storage or use of ammunition, kerosene, pro­pane, paint thinner, charcoal starter, gasoline, naphtha, benzene, or other flammable or explo­sive materials is strictly prohibited. Storage of oily rags, boxes, or excessive amounts of newspa­pers or magazines is not permitted. This includes storage in apartments, patio, garage, carport, or any common area. The Fire Marshal or his designee will make inspections. Residents will be given 24-hour notice and asked to provide access for these inspections.
  5. Storage violations may result in an official warn­ing and/or sanctions.

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Tobacco-free & Smoke-free Environment

Smoking of any kind is not permitted within all University housing communities or within 25 feet of any University property. This includes but is not limited to: residential space, balconies, common areas, all outdoor areas, parking areas, etc. In accordance with the UCLA Tobacco Free Policy, the use of all tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco, as well as electronic cigarettes, is prohibited on campus and at properties owned or leased by UCLA. There are no designated smoking areas. We ask that tobacco users be respectful of our neighbors and not congregate or litter on their property.

Hookah smoking falls under all of the rules and regulations for smoking within University Apartments and is not permitted

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Trash Disposal and Trash Chutes

Trash is regularly collected at all facilities. Trash and recycling bins are located in the garages. There is also a dumpster in the garage for bigger items.

  1. It is the responsibility of the resident to dispose of all apartment trash by putting it in the appropriate receptacles.
  2. Residents must use plastic or paper bags for their trash to eliminate odors and attraction to insects.
  3. Any trash left in hallways or common areas presents a health hazard to the community and the offending party will be charged a fine.
  4. No boxes or oversized bags are to be placed in the trash chutes

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University Equipment

On occasion, residents may need to check out University equipment (e.g., vacuum, plunger, heater, moving cart, etc.). When residents do so, they are required to leave a photo ID with the appropriate staff member. Except for heaters (see below), residents must return the borrowed item within one hour or by 10:00 p.m., whichever is earlier.

Residents must also return the equipment in clean condition. Vacuum bags must be emptied, plungers cleaned, etc. Residents who do not return items on time and/or not cleaned will be assessed $20 for each item. In the event that the resident has dam­aged or lost an item, the resident will be charged the cost of replacement or service.

In the case of portable heaters, residents may keep the heaters until 24 hours after the repair of the apart­ment heater. If not returned by this time, there is a $20 charge. If the heater is not returned or is broken, the resident(s) will be charged the cost of replace­ment or service.

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