H1N1 Influenza Plan - Attachment 2

Part 1 - Supplies to Accommodate Students


Bed Frame


Privacy curtain

Eye Mask


Individual trashcan with liners


NIOSH Masks (N95)

Disposable gloves

Table top fans

Bottled water (individual or 5 gal)

Trash bags

Large trashcans with liners

Room Air Deodorizer (Ozium)

Biohazard clean up kits


FDA approved sanitizers and cleaning wipes (disposable)

Conference Tables with chairs

Public access computer terminals

Large screen TV with seating area

Establish “dining area” within quarantine area


Part 2 - Processes to Accommodate Students


Provide FDA approved hand sanitizers in all restrooms

Provide FDA approved hand sanitizers at dining hall check stands and throughout dining halls (salad bar and drink stations) and high contact public areas (elevators)

Provide salad bar tong covers (or use sanitizer)

Provide residents with individual sized hand sanitizers (e.g. Purell)

Provide Front Desk/Access staff with hand sanitizers at desks

Require Dining Services check stand employees to wear gloves (handles IDs)

Install silverware dispensers in dining hall (to avoid contamination)

Increase cleaning regularity of public surface areas (e.g. door handles, crash bars, elevator call buttons, vending machines, conference room tables/chairs, telephones, registers) with FDA approved sanitizer