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"AskDolores" Nutrition Education Program

The AskDolores program is hosted by Dolores Hernandez, UCLA Dining Services Nutrition Education Coordinator and Registered Dietitian (RD). Dolores is available to answer nutrition-related questions, provide tips and resources about healthy eating and nutrition, and address dietary or special nutritional needs.

For questions regarding special dietary issues such as food allergies, vegetarian/veganism, UCLA Dining Services nutrition initiatives and programs, or  eneral nutrition, please don’t hesitate to email Dolores at:


Here's to Your Health

The "Here's to Your Health" (PDF) document highlights the many health benefits of ingredients served at the new health-themed residential restaurant, Bruin Plate.


The Student Nutrition Awareness Campaign (SNAC)

The Student Nutrition Awareness Campaign (SNAC), a service of the Bruin Resource Center, has a wealth of information available online, including shopping strategies and “Cooking for College Students” tip sheets. SNAC also provides information about weight management, body image, fitness, and supplements via informational table tents on all dining tables in the residential restaurants.