Landfair and Glenrock Apartments Redevelopment

This web page has been developed to help keep the University and the neighboring Westwood community informed about the Landfair Apartments and Glenrock Apartments Redevelopment construction activities and schedules. Updates will be posted for both the Landfair Apartments and the Glenrock Apartments as new information becomes available. Links to the Construction Update pages are in the Related Information box on this page.

 Glenrock SiteLandfair SiteTotals
Project Site Redevelopment96,500 gsf100,044 gsf196,544 gsf
Apartment Units
Studio/1 BA (1 bed)022 (2 beds)
1 BR/1 BA (2 beds)9918 (36 beds)
2 BR/1 BA (3 beds)303 (9 beds)
2 BR/2 BA (4 beds)364177 (308 beds)
Total Units48 units
(171 beds)
52 units
(184 beds)
100 units
(355 beds)
BR: bedroom; BA: bathroom; gsf: gross square feet
Source: Studios Architecture 2011